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Interested in Retail Jobs In UAE? Go for It

When most folks hear the word ‘retail,’ the first thing that comes to mind is their summer vacation store-front job that barely met the minimum wage and a nagging boss who was always breathing down their necks if inventory was out of place. Others can’t fathom the long hours associated with jobs in retail, or angry customers who are always complaining about anything and everything. Yet, these are aspects that are related not just to retail, but to any industry that you’ll work in as a fresh employee. However, there is a big flipside to retail, especially if you still haven’t quite settled on a defined career path. It can open up new doors and opportunities you never quite dreamed about and is also one of the best careers to put an outgoing and charismatic personality to good use. One of the biggest fears in embarking on a retail career is the changing face of the profession, from brick-and-mortar stores to e-commerce. Technology is, however, giving those in this line of work a new opportunity to reinvent themselves and connect in more ways than one with the end user. The focus is the change in shoppers’ habits due to e-commerce, but new retail jobs are certainly evolving accordingly.

The UAE is one of the world’s emergent markets, with a robust economy that has moved beyond the oil burst. Retail is projected to take up about 3-5% of the GDP in 2018, and the sheer acreage of the malls and commercial developments is a testament to this growth. Projections from the Dubai Chamber of Commerce place the value of the retail market at a whopping $35B for 2017 alone, and that figure is expected to rise to $41B by 2020. Therefore, if you’ve been thinking of packing up and moving to the UAE to look for retail careers, this is the best time to do it.

Retail Jobs in UAE| Cultural, Corporate & Social Opportunities

The UAE remains a strong contender for the world’s most attractive destination both for corporate and private individuals due to a number of reasons. These include relative stability, a strong and established presence of multinational brands, a solid upper middle class and a high GDP/capita leading to large disposable wealth coupled with a strong desire to spend on leisure, merchandise, food and beverage, attractions and other products. Retail vacancies in the Emirates are therefore also expected to increase within this period. Says Shahbaz Khan, a Business Development Executive in the UAE:

“Some of the top hiring companies here which are excellent places to work are multinational retail chains such as Splash, THE One, Estee Lauder and Hilti Emirates…”

If you are an outgoing individual and feel like you have a knack for interacting with different personalities and cultures, you should definitely consider a retail job in UAE. The large expatriate population will make you feel right at home, and you’ll also benefit from the liberal approach of the Emirati in a land where religion, culture, and norms precede human rights.

UAE Retail Jobs| What Educational Experience Do You Need?

The job market in the UAE has become more competitive in the last decade, thanks to the high number of expatriates trooping in to look for work. A degree is not an explicit necessity if you are looking for an internship or a storefront job, especially if you are hired through an agency, or if you know someone personally within the company who’ll root for you. However, if you are looking for a mid-tier retail job in UAE, specialization always helps, and a degree will aid that push. A Job Index survey for the Middle East 2016 lists Business Management and Commerce as the most desired educational qualifications in the UAE, sought after by 27% of hiring managers. These degrees are coincidentally the best for landing retail jobs in UAE. There is also a large number of people with MBAs here, so if you are aiming for more executive retail jobs UAE, you might want to consider getting that Master’s degree.

Retail Jobs UAE| Above Average Salary, and No Taxes!

According to Gulf News, some of the most in-demand jobs in the UAE by hiring managers are for the positions of Sales Executives and Customer Service officers. This means that the salary is also commensurate to demand. It varies for different offices such as Store Managers, Retail Coordinators, and Retail Executives, etc. The median salary for a Retail Sales Assistant in the UAE is AED 46,431 yearly, which converted at current rates is $12,461. This is quite fair considering most Sales Assistants don’t even possess a degree. The average salary for a Retail Manager in the UAE is AED 96,591. You’ll also be pleasantly surprised to learn that you don’t pay Income Tax on your earnings in the UAE.

Looking for a UAE Retail Vacancy? Your Search Ends Here

Most people in the UAE have been employed with the assistance of employment agencies. These agencies are in the best position to help you find a job which is a good fit for your skills and talents. Many applicants assume that they can send a generic CV for retail positions. However, writing a focused and skill-based CV is always an advantage, especially if you lack prior work experience in the sector. Emphasize what transferable skills you possess and what your past successes have been. Though 85% of the UAE speaks English, even a modest command of Arabic will work in your favor especially given that retail jobs hiring consider how much random customer interaction may happen.

Most importantly, avoid scams and websites that solicit funds to secure a position for you in the Emirates. Our retail job positions list is verified, therefore you have a greater chance of finding a legitimate job in the UAE right here. is sourcing Storekeepers - Male for a client based in the UAE, who is a leader in the retail industry and also an agent, distributor and franchisee…
Candidates should minimum of 2-3 years’ UAE experience as a cashier in the retail Industry (menswear/clothing/apparels), good communication skills, knowledge in…
With at least 1-2 years of experience in retail sales and services. We are looking for a Retail Sales Executive to be based in our showroom, located inside Gold…
A Leading client of Zeder Group in the Hospitality sector is looking for a Retail Sale Executive for their High end Luxury Jewelry store in Dubai.
Understanding of retail management system and back office system. This role is responsible for maximizing the profitability of Own retail Factory outlets across…
1. Experience in Hypermarket or Fruits & Vegetables Retail Industry 2. Good English Communication Skills 3. High School or Equivalent Job Type: Full-time…
Retail sales Executive in Agricultural equipments: Minimum 3 years in retail sales (UAE or any other GCC).
Prepare training material & Sales techniques presentation for the retail team. Accurately communicate all technical specifications of the product range.
Apply on Company website Job Types: Full-time, Permanent Salary: AED3,250.00 to AED3,750.00 …
Retail Sales Executive (Agricultural equipments/ motor machines)*. § Understanding of the retail sales process. Any Diploma/Degree from a Recognized University.