Social Care jobs for today in UAE

Social Care Jobs in UAE| Happiness of the Kingdom Comes First

The International Federation of Social Workers defines Social Work as “an inter-related system of theories, values, and practice.” This definition is a bit vague when thinking about how a Social Worker actually practices. Individuals in this profession are rather concerned with the functioning of cohesive units such as families, communities and even individuals in the social, political and economic spheres. They are concerned with the well-being of single and social units and work through systems by assessing and developing interventions to restore these functional units to their optimum. Their mandates may also extend into and beyond public health, psychology, and law and community development. Social workers may broadly work with children and families, in medical and public health, and in mental health and substance abuse environments.

The UAE currently has a population of 9.2 million people, made up of both indigenous folk and expatriates, the latter who form the vast majority. The Kingdom is governed by moderate Sharia Law. However, the rights of all individuals and property are considered sacred regardless of whether they are/belong to Muslim or not. Problems are bound to arise in the social and human relationships within these various groups. As such, each of the Emirates has implemented codes to be adhered to which ensure that Human Rights and Social development remain at the pinnacle of the UAE’s progress goals. In fact, the Kingdom has introduced the National Programme for Happiness and Positivity, complete with a Minister of State for Happiness and Wellbeing. Social Work and Community Development lie within this ministry’s broad mandate and shows the UAE’s commitment to harmonize all its social efforts and keep its citizens happy. This also means that it’s the best time to look for social care jobs in UAE. With such a large sum being spent on the general welfare of the Emirati population and the focus being on everyone’s happiness, there’s always a social care vacancy here, and the UAE is certainly the best place to pursue jobs in social care if you’re looking.

Social Work Jobs in UAE| Take Advantage of Training Opportunities

The UAE is especially concerned about vulnerable groups in its community, or those going through unstable times. This is why it makes it a priority to ensure that Social Workers are professionals who have demonstrated their abilities in caregiving situations. Thus, each of the Emiratis has different licensing requirements for those looking for social worker jobs in the region. Dubai, for example, requires anyone looking to work as a social worker, local or expat, to apply for a professional license from the Community Development Association. Volunteers are given the license for free but have to renew it after every two years. Tertiary education is a must and one year of field experience is also a necessity. A degree in Community Development and Social Work or any other health-related discipline will be a big boost, especially during salary negotiations.

Once you land a job in the UAE, there are numerous training opportunities, as the employer is required to identify areas in which you need improvement. The exact training and professional requirements may vary across each Emirate, therefore it is important to liaise with the local Chamber of Commerce before you make any travel plans. If you are working with a reputable placement agency, they will assist you to work out all your professional registrations and help you get your license quickly. The good news is that it isn’t necessary to get the one-year professional experience required for social care jobs in the UAE itself, as long as you can provide evidence of your past work experience, e.g., through an employer recommendation.

UAE Social Work Jobs Are Quite Lucrative, Beating Global Averages

Social worker positions are frowned upon by some locals in the UAE who view them as low paying, which opens up a great opportunity for expatriates who want to join this job market. That’s understandable considering the UAE has a GDP/capita of almost $41,000. The average salary for a social worker job in UAE is AED 83,050 yearly, translating to $22,609. This is way above the global average, especially for the low and middle-income countries where most social workers in the Emirates come from.

Besides the remuneration, you’ll be on course to work in some of the most progressive environments in the world, as the UAE is committed to the happiness and well-being of everyone, including the social workers themselves. Wellness of employees includes training programmes which you can benefit from. These skills and certifications will come in handy if you ever decide to change locations and move to a new city.

Social Care Jobs UAE| Work In a World Class & Peaceful Environment

Getting a social care job in UAE is now relatively easy thanks to the relaxed VISA rules on expatriates, and because of the UAE’s focus on the happiness of its citizens as a core objective of its Vision 2021 agenda. The Kingdom has been stable and peaceful as compared to some of its Gulf counterparts, especially during the period of the Arab spring. This is the best kind of environment for those looking to pursue social worker careers, as they don’t have to deal with demeaning situations, and they also have enough time for personal development. The ultra-modernization of its social facilities and the creation of other mega-projects such as Dubai Healthcare City which focus on caregiving has opened up new social worker jobs hiring possibilities for folks all around the world to experience social work as a viable and lucrative option in a world-class environment.

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O Work alongside of Daman’s Social Care team and contribute in bringing our social care strategy to the next level.
+ You can send your social media/portfolio/cv references to our e-mail: Thorough knowledge of hair styles, hair care products and related procedures.
O Work alongside of Daman’s Social Care team and contribute in bringing our social care strategy to the next level. Strong copywriting skills in English;
You need to be organized, fun-loving and care about your customers. You also need to have good social media skills and be excellent at communication.
Maintain a high level of quality care to each and every child within the nursery. Continuously stimulating children's interest and broaden their understanding…
Exceptional customer services and care. Customer care | Tele-sales skills. Understands Technology, Online booking systems & social media.
We are looking for a female medical social worker to join our Home Heath care company In Abu Dhabi, will be responsible for giving guidance and counselling,…
Jet ski instructor, you will have to take care of the jet ski activities as a priority. Boat license is required DMCA jet ski license is required Advance pilots…
Plan opportunities to contribute to the children’s personal, moral, social and cultural development e.g. assemblies. Planning, Teaching and Class management:
Analyze campaigns and translate anecdotal or qualitative data into recommendations and plans for revising social media, content marketing, SEO and social…