How To Find a Job in Qatar as a Foreigner


Qatar is a small country in the Middle East, located near Saudi Arabia, known worldwide due to the highest per capita income, along with Luxembourg, Switzerland and Norway. According to the recent survey conducted by the Qatar Ministry of Development Planning and Statistics over 60 countries contributed to the local foreign direct investment (FDI) at the end of 2017. Those numbers prove that Qatar is rising despite the world’s economic and political hardships.

Today, Qatar has developed a powerful infrastructure, and healthcare and education sectors are constantly growing ensuring high quality life to the local population. Thus, there’s no wonder foreigners from different parts of the world consider Qatar as a great place to live and work. Plus, thanks to the high living standards, Qatar citizens show great tolerance towards different cultures, which makes it even more suitable to settle down.

Let’s find out how to find a job in Qatar and what requirements are imposed on foreign professionals. We will also consider available job openings and give you some useful information on what to expect from the local employers.

Moving For a Job in Qatar

If you decided to move to Qatar in order to get employed, firstly, it is necessary to find a local employer (sponsor). Next, you need to sign up a labor contract, thus, you’ll be issued a work visa and be able to apply for a residentship in Qatar.

The list of required documents may differ depending on the vacancy; in this case the local company will provide you a practical assistance. After you arrive, you must undergo a medical examination and leave your fingerprints.

The employment contract is approved by the local Ministry of Labor and must contain all the details of your employment, including working conditions, wage level, rights and duties. Usually, it is not allowed to change a job within the first six months.

During the registration of a residence permit, which can take 1,5-2 months or more, the applicant is not recommended to leave Qatar territory.

Job Search Without a Third Party

An independent job search in Qatar is quite difficult. The candidate should possess high qualifications and indisputable advantages, such as work experience and language skills (the official language in Qatar is Arabic, however, in recent 10 years English is also widely used across the country).

Often, foreigners occupy vacancies in Qatar as a result of transfers from international companies or through overseas recruitment agencies. There are very few of such intermediary organizations on the Qatari market.

The vast majority of jobs for applicants from abroad are concentrated in the capital of Qatar - Doha. Go through the largest companies’ websites and search for recent job openings, visit local forums and ask questions, join professional groups on LinkedIn.

Popular Websites for Jobs in Qatar


What jobs options are available

As every country that is currently experiencing vast economic growth, Qatar is in serious need of highly skilled specialists. Job opportunities for immigrants are available in the following sectors:

  • oil and gas industry
  • building and construction
  • information technology
  • medicine
  • tourism

Despite the fact that Qatari provides various career options, before making your final decision it’s important to understand what to expect from the local life and employment rules. Let’s take a closer look at the situation.


  • High salaries. Salary in Qatar is not taxable unlike UAE, where the government has recently implemented a value-added tax system.
  • Possibility of obtaining a residence permit. Once you’ve managed to receive a job offer and move to Qatar under a temporary visa, you can apply for a residence permit.
  • Great career opportunities. Highly qualified professionals will have no issues with finding a job, especially in oil and IT sectors.
  • High standard of living. Qatar provides great healthcare services to its population, plus the local unemployment rate is less than 1% (recent studies show that it actually reached its lowest of 0.10 % in the first quarter of 2017)


  • High rent. High salaries determine high prices. Life in Qatar isn’t cheap.
  • Working 6 days a week. Local employment rules require to stay at work 8 hours a day and 6 days per week. Especially when it comes to low-qualified customer service positions
  • Long probation period. According to the employment contract your minimum trial period lasts for 3 months, however it can be extended to 6 months.
  • Hot tropical climate. The climate in Qatar is subtropical, in summer the temperature can reach up to 50 degrees. Combined with high humidity, it is not an easy thing to deal with the heat.


Is it worth to move Qatar? Answering this question, you should take into account all the pros and cons listed above. Are you sure you can dedicate yourself to work and be able handle 6-day working week? Do you tolerate hot and humid tropical climate? Are you ready to adjust to the local mentality? Don’t forget about the long-term probation period and accommodation and other living expenses.

If your answer is yes and you’re truly determined to get a job in Qatar your sacrifice won’t be in vain. You will get a well-paid job, take a vital step towards your career and gain some invaluable experience. Besides, you will be able to establish your own professional network which can provide you more career prospects in future. Plus, you will be able to make good money and support your family living in one of the most developed cities in the world.

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