How to get a job in Canada?


There’s a whole bunch of reasons why people are wondering how to get job in Canada: first of all, most of the immigration programs require work permit which must be guaranteed by a Canadian employer; secondly, Canada is a great place to build a successful career, while it’s one of the most economically stable countries in the world with an extremely low unemployment rate (according to the report by Trade Economics it reached only 5.8% in May 2018 ) and cultural diversity, where foreigners from different parts of the globe receive a warm welcome.
So what do you need to know before you apply and how to increase your chances to be hired by a Canadian company? Read below.

Before you apply

Canadian employers provide a range of career opportunities for foreigners, however there are two main problems which might significantly reduce your chances for a successful employment:

  1. Language proficiency. One cannot underestimate the power of effective communication. Thus, if you are determined to show your best you must demonstrate not only your professional skills but also an excellent level of French or English. You need to speak briefly and be able to answer specific questions on the interview with no signs of hesitation or uncertainty, which may cause serious doubts on whether you can integrate to the team successfully.

    Take it seriously and use every opportunity to improve your language skills – try online courses, read industry documentation and network with native speakers. The result is just a matter of time and effort.
  2. Local references. Finding a job in Canada is the same challenge as every job search. Employers tend to ask for references before making you a job offer. Same goes for Canada. You will raise your chances to get hired, if you provide some positive reverences from local companies. Besides, it will help you gain more confidence, since you possess a hands-on experience of working by Canadian rules.

If you didn’t manage to receive some work experience, try to apply to for a volunteer position first, or if there’s a need in your specialization confirmed by a Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) an employer can enter the Temporary Foreign Worker Program and provide you a temporary work permit.

Jobs in Canada for Foreigners

If you’re looking for a job in Canada you may enter one of the federal programs developed to attract highly qualified specialists to the Canadian labor market. Currently, there are three of them: Federal Skilled Worker Program, Federal Skilled Trades Program and Canadian Experience Class.

Each of the programs is managed by the Entry Express system, which helps processing numerous job applications from foreigners all over the world.

The range of specialists required varies depending on the employers’ needs and no matter what you do for a living you have all the chances to receive a job offer. To qualify for the program you need to possess at least one-year of hands-on experience within the last 10 years and meet the other eligibility requirements, including language proficiency and documents verifying your education (Educational Credential Assessment report).

Once you’ve registered in the system your resume becomes available to Canadian employers through an online job board and from now someone may want to hire you.

Note: Canadian provinces established their own provincial programs which are also managed by the Entry Express system, however their eligibility criteria are different form the federal programs.

Jobs in Canada for Indians

If you’re looking for jobs in Canada for Indian make sure that the city you’re about to move supports Indian culture so that you will be able to adjust to your new home as soon as possible. For example, Toronto is known for its Indian-Canadian fellowship which has established the largest Hindu Temple in the country. Plus, its soft continental climate and overwhelming views make it one of the most attractive cities to relocate.

Next, choose regions where job openings are relevant to your specialization. If you’re applying for positions in IT field, Vancouver will suit you perfectly as its digital curve has grown rapidly for the past few years. Toronto is famous for its financial sector, however there are plenty of career opportunities in other fields, including tourism. Make a research and visit online job boards to receive the latest news update on this issue.

Remember, only residentship or work permit enables your employment, otherwise it’s illegal.

Jobs in Canada from UAE: How to Get a Job in Canada from Dubai

The amount of working immigrants from different Arabian countries is constantly growing, and, nowadays, people of Arabian origin are actively involved in the social life of Canada – they support local sport teams, volunteer in hospitals and take part in federal elections.

If you are planning to get a job in Canada from UAE and want to work in Canada from Dubai, you should possess an extraordinary set of skills, which is currently in-demand, so that local recruiters got interested in your talent. Otherwise, you should be ready to go through an immigration procedure and apply for a residentship or work permit.

If you’ managed to do that, you should consider Quebec or Ontario as a place to settle down. Those two provinces represent a major part of Arabian population in Canada.

Additional tips

Update your resume. Make sure your resume complies with the Canadian standards. It should be sharp, well-structured and tailored specifically to the position you are applying for. Don’t make it too long, two pages would be enough and avoid the word “resume” at the top of the document.

Apply via recruitment agencies. International recruiting agencies are aware of employer’s needs and constantly looking for qualified specialists. They are responsible for all the paper work, which is also very convenient and simplifies the relocation procedure. However, it’s not for free.

Keep up with the latest news. Use social networks to find out the latest news about career opportunities in Canada. Join groups on LinkedIn, ask questions on Quora and search for jobs in Canada online.

Networking. Make connections. In the world, where information can be spread in a few seconds staying tuned is a must. Your friends or their friends may provide you some useful information on how to get hired by a local company or even recommend you on a certain position.

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