How to get a job in UK


If you’re considering job opportunities overseas, there’s no doubt the UK has been at the top of your list. It is known as one of the most economically developed countries in the world with high standards of living including great healthcare, education system and high salary rate. Plus, despite the legendary national traits (stiffness, conservatism, etc.), British people tend to demonstrate great tolerance towards immigrants. Foreigners from all over the world are actively involved into all aspects of modern British society and continue to develop their unique cultural features.

As for career opportunities, jobs in UK for expats are available in various fields, such as: banking and finance, medicine, engineering and IT sector.

Next, let’s find out how to get a job in UK and what it really takes to conquer the British labor market.

Study English and Verify Your Qualification

Being attracted by a wide range of job opportunities, it’s important to be aware of the requirements imposed on foreign professionals applying for a job in UK.

When it comes to hiring foreigners, British employers should convince local authorities that no suitable applicants were found among the local residents. Otherwise, you can only benefit if you possess some rare skills or talents.

To apply for a job in UK, you should meet the following requirements:

Language. In order to get hired by a local employer and be able to obtain a visa, you must demonstrate English proficiency at least at B1 level and provide a relevant certificate. Knowledge of any other additional languages - German, Spanish, French - will help you gain a competitive advantage among the locals.

Qualification. The education and work experience obtained outside the UK may not meet the requirements of British labor law. To verify qualifications and employment opportunities, there is a special NARIC service. The agency acts on behalf of the government of Great Britain. Here, you can verify your qualification and knowledge of English. The document is officially recognized throughout the British territory.

To hire a foreigner from a country outside the European Union, British employer must undergo a certain procedure known as the Resident Labor Market Test. The goal is to advertise an available vacancy at the local labor market in order to confirm the absence of the required specialist among the local residents. The rules and the time are set by the UK Ministry of Internal Affairs. Usually, the standard term of the advertising campaign is 28 days.

In some cases, the procedure can be skipped. This applies to foreign students who graduated from British universities, or to those professionals who are currently in-demand and possess unique and rare skillset.

In addition, to hire of a foreign employee, British company must obtain a special license or sponsorship certificate. Each certificate has its own number, which is used by an employee to obtain a work visa.

Apply For a UK Work Permit

UK visa system is point-based and consists of 5 Tiers. Each Tier is aimed to categorize foreign citizens willing to live, work or study at the United Kingdom. For example, special visas are provided for entrepreneurs, investors, athletes, religious figures and exceptional talents.

Qualified professionals, who have received an invitation from a British company, fell under the category called “skilled workers” and can apply for.

To obtain Tier 2 General visa, a foreigner must meet the following requirements:

  • provide a sponsorship certificate from a licensed employer
  • show that you’re being paid enough (over 20,000 pounds a year)
  • demonstrate English proficiency
  • have funds on your bank to prove you can provide yourself during your residence (at least £945)

Visa processing begins 3 months prior to your departure to England. The consideration period lasts for 15 days. After 5 years of legal stay in England, you can apply for a permanent residentship.

Search for a job on UK job sites

One of the simplest ways to find jobs in United Kingdom is to search for job openings on Internet. Here’s a list of popular job sites and career portals:

GOV.UK - the UK government career portal not only provides regular updates on the recent jobs in the UK but also allows you to find a suitable option straight away. After the registration you can upload your resume and start receiving notifications on relevant vacancies via email. – a powerful career aggregator, especially for Middle East job-seekers, which collects information on the latest job openings, including UK job vacancies. Thus, if you value your time and don’t want to spend hours on UK job sites, visit - great website for job search all over the world. In addition, you can get some useful career tips on how to write a strong resume, pass an interview, etc is one of the leading British job sites, which provides various UK jobs for foreigners. More than 250,000 vacancies from 15,000 companies - the website positions itself as the No. 1 UK jobs site. Great design, easy to use, plus, you can find information on different courses and educational programs in the relevant section

Work in the UK is an excellent opportunity to move to a developed country and significantly increase your income.

However, foreigners from non-EU countries have more difficulties with getting employed because of complicated procedure of obtaining a work permit comparing to the EU citizens. But, despite those issues, highly qualified professionals with good knowledge of English and major work experience will always have high chances to get hired successfully.

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