How to get a job in United Arab Emirates


Searching for a job in United Arab Emirates is a challenging process, that’s why it is extremely important to be aware of some specific features before you start job search in UAE.

Firstly, at the head of each Emirate stands the most powerful family clan and rules all the profitable businesses within its residence. This fact defines the difference between working in Dubai or Sharjah, for example.

The next important thing is religion. Despite the influence of numerous western communities and liberal attitude to different cultures, here, everything is aligned with Allah. Knowing that is extremely important as Muslim traditions and customs are implemented in every part of social life, including business and work.

These are the general rules. But let’s find out what particular steps you need to take in order to find jobs in UAE.

Study the Local Job Market

The need in specialists of certain field appears for a number of reasons and each country that is currently going through economic or political changes has its own list of professionals in-demand. Thus, before considering job opportunities in UAE, find out who local employers are looking for. Here’s a list of job sectors, which lacks talents according to the Gulf News:

Accounting and Finance

A new value-added tax regime in UAE has caused the need in finance and accounting specialists. Companies are seeking for qualified workforce to rebuild their current financial policies and consider professionals with 5+ years of experience to join their team. So if meet the listed requirements, your concerns on how to find a job in UAE should probably disappear.

IT field

This trend is popular worldwide and UAE is no exception. Engineers, developers and managers who are experienced in implementing complex digital solutions are at the top of the list. If your professional competencies include working with Big Data, AI and other latest technologies within the IT world, you are warmly welcomed in UAE.

HR and Recruitment

The need in highly qualified HR-managers is defined by the on-going tendency to hire self-motivated and agile employers, who are able to come up with fresh and innovative ideas without being constantly pushed by their managers. Thus, the ability to discover and retain true talents is in high demand on today’s market.

Get your documents prepared

Getting ready to move to another country is a long-term process. After all the researches are made, firstly, you need to get your educational and personal certificates attested. Otherwise, it’s no use in them. The attestation procedure includes verification from the concerned authorities in your homeland, local UAE embassy certification and final attestation by Ministry of Foreign Affairs in UAE.

Next step is to craft your resume. Every single time you apply, you need to customize tour CV in order to ensure the employer you are a perfect match. Write a short summery where you tell about your strong sides, goals and ambitions; explain why a company should hire you.

In UAE a resume should contain a picture, take it into account and put a nice headshot at the top of the document. After that, review the main part of your CV and make the necessary improvements – use action verbs, highlight your achievements and spellcheck the document rigorously.

How to search job in UAE? Visit online job boards!

Online career search is an extremely powerful tool and you should take a full advantage of it. Check new job openings regularly or subscribe to receive the latest updates, use filters and try to experiment with the name of the position in the search field. It is always very interesting to observe how many options you’re actually skipping while using only direct word order. Also, put an emphasize on keywords, for example, in System Administrator position the main word is “System”, thus, there might other name options for this particular vacancy. In addition, if you want to appear on the companies’ radar and receive statistics on whether your profile is in-demand, publish your CV online.

Surf companies websites

Another way to search for job openings is to visit companies’ websites. The majority of international companies (for example: Aabar Investments, Air Arabia, Alpha Data, Abu Dhabi Media etc.) tend to create their own career portals and receive applications directly without involving a third party. Plus, you can get access to a full list of job openings, while the most recent updates appear on the corporate website. So spare no time and effort and go through the career section, it will help you to keep up with the latest career prospects and increase your chances to find a job which suits you the most.

Be active on social networks

More and more recruiters nowadays use social networks as a preferred hiring channel. According to the recent statistics provided by Talent Works 87% of recruiters use LinkedIn as a hiring channel. So if you’re wondering how to get a job in UAE, update your LinkedIn profile and become available for major career opportunities. Create a strong and persuasive LinkedIn resume and make sure it contains relevant keywords. Otherwise, your profile won’t appear in search results. Plus, LinkedIn and Facebook are great networking tools; people around you may possess useful information on recent job openings or even recommend you for a certain position.


There’s no point to hide the truth when answering the question how to find job in UAE – it is tough. However, it doesn’t mean it’s impossible. If you’re truly determined to get a job, use every single opportunity to reach your goal – search for jobs online, network with people, who can share their experience and constantly work on your professional skills.

No matter how challenging it is to find a decent job, there are no obstacles for a skilled professional and true believer.

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