Overview of Agricultural Jobs

Despite the hostile environment, agricultural activities have been practiced in this region dating back to ancient times. Inhabitants of Ras al Kamiah, Al Ain, and Fujairah, conducted farming using simple irrigation methods. The most common irrigation method was through the flood-irrigation method. Some farmers also made use of oases as a source of fresh water. An example of these oases is the Liwa oasis.

Moreover, agriculture has been developing since the 1970s. However, there were still some major challenges that farmers faced during this period. These included lack of water supply for irrigation, shortage or arable farmland, intense desert heat, locust’s infestation and high agricultural costs. Overharvesting of groundwater also led to the lowering of the water table and increased soil salinity. For this reason, agriculture jobs were severely limited.

Today modern technologies have solved most of the difficulties mentioned above. The country has implemented improved irrigation systems that are more efficient and prevent wastage of water. Fountain, sprinkler and drip irrigation replaced flood irrigation. By 2011 these new methods comprised 90 percent of total agricultural practices. Agricultural farms have increased from 4000 in the 70s to over 35 000 by the year 2011. Total farmland area now stands at 105, 250 hectares. As a result, farming jobs have seen a tremendous increase over the years just like ads jobs .

Farming Careers in the

The agricultural department of the pushed for the adoption of the most modern and cutting-edge farming technologies. These include the establishment of 54 organic vegetation farms occupying a total area of 3920 hectares by the year 2013. This system of growing crops is environmentally friendly and leads to the sustainable production of food. It uses the natural systems and cycles to maintain soil fertility as opposed to the use of inorganic chemical fertilizers that have adverse effects on the soil.

Organic Farming

Agricultural jobs in organic farming include those of technicians to operate farm machinery, and other activities such as pesticide control and crop management. Engineers take care of the maintenance and repair of machinery. Agricultural supervisors manage farmlands and delegate duties to other workers. Agribusiness managers will manage the commercialization of produce. They are the ones responsible for the local sale as well as the export of farm produce.

H3: Animal Production

Animal production involves the rearing of domesticated animals in enclosed sections. The animals include poultry, cattle, sheep and goats. Most are bred and reared for meat while some poultry is kept for the sole purpose of laying eggs. This activity forms a big segment of agriculture jobs employment opportunities.

Professionals such as veterinary doctors are required to take care of animal health and assist in the breeding of animals through modern technologies. Agribusiness also plays an important role in this sector. Animal products usually end up in markets both locally and internationally. Therefore, an agribusiness manager will deal with all the logistics involved with the business activities. Farming supervisors will also oversee the general management of animal farms.


Manufacturing mainly deals with food processing. Industries in this sector are meat processing, cheese and dairy processing as well as food packaging. These are advanced jobs in agricultural practices. They require highly skilled personnel since there are multiple complex processes involved in food processing. Knowledge of nutrition, dietetics and organic food composition is mandatory.

Nutrition and health specialists are thus required in large numbers to overcome the deficit that the country is experiencing. Another farming profession in the that is also increasing in popularity under the manufacturing segment is food science. This is the main profession required in the processing of food products. Biotechnology lab assistants undertake the technical aspects during part of the food preparation process.


Hydroponics is a relatively new category of agricultural job . It uses advanced technologies for the efficient growing of crops. This is a system of growing plants that utilizes nutrient-rich water with little soil or no soil at all. Research has shown that this method is very effective in the conservation of water. It saves up to 70 percent more water compared to growing plants on the soil.

The skill sets required in the implementation of this remarkable farming methods are biotechnology technicians, food science specialists as well as nutritionists. Research assistants also help in the development of newer and more efficient methods of crop production.

In all these agricultural fields, lecturers and professors are also required to teach in universities and technical institutions. The heavily relies on expatriate labor to support agricultural activities. Many farming positions require skilled personnel yet the country still faces a great deficit in the workforce.

Educational Requirements for Agricultural Jobs

Agricultural jobs require a wide variety of qualifications. This ranges from farm engineers, biotech lab technicians, food scientists, agribusiness managers, veterinary doctors, research assistance and many other professionals. Some professions such as technicians require a diploma and other professional certificates. Other advanced and more complex careers require advanced degrees to secure a job in the . To get an agriculture vacancy in a high-level learning institution, you would require at least a masters or a Ph.D. in that given field.

Salaries for Agriculture Job Positions List

The salaries paid during farming jobs hiring depends on the educational level. Some of the common figures earned by various professionals are as follows.

  • Civil engineer- between 70 to 84 AED
  • Finance Manager: around 440 000 AED
  • Senior project manager: 360 000 AED
  • General manager: 600 000 AED

To move into a higher farming job , every employee needs to undertake an advanced degree program in their field of specialization. This guarantees a fast rise higher job-group. Many of workers in the sphere claim that all of challenges and difficulties definitely worth working in agricultural business such as it provides them with many opportunities and possibilities.

This is a full-time position located in Gentry, AR . Please note you may receive calls from a 952 area code if you are considered for the position.
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