A General Overview of the Arts Jobs , Dubai

What comes to your mind when someone mentions arts jobs? Some people think that an artist is more of a gambling venture than a career. The truth is that art, especially fine arts, can be a rewarding profession for an individual who enjoys creating and exhibiting his work in a variety of mediums. People with talent, skill, and passion for artwork can succeed in this industry with a vast range of opportunities to show their craft.

You could see an artist busy painting a landscape or enjoying drawing someone face, and think that they are wasting their time or energy. You might feel like it’s a mere hobby. Nevertheless, there are many avenues through which talented individuals can find rewarding and well-paying art jobs and other places around the world. The only challenge is the competition that may arise in the field with many people having new things to show their potential customers. It is an excellent career to venture in if you are ready to create new ways of crafting your work.

Artist jobs entail a lot of creative work with sculptures, paintings, weaving, knitting, drawing, carving, etc. There are a lot of things one can do in the art industry. With the increased rate of hiring in the field, you only need to create an appealing portfolio that your clients and potential employers would need.

The Specifics of the Current and Future Job Market

Millions of people pursue artist careers. Research reveals that art jobs have increased by 43% in the past ten years. Many people are employed by various companies to offer their artistic services. Overall, students who are passionate about art have various perspectives in the current world where they can exhibit and develop their talent.

The future of artwork is predicted to be positive. The only expected change is the inclination to the new technologies being introduced in most industries. The animation in the film industry needs people with talent in visual arts to help create new and exciting crafts for the consumers. There are numerous places where one can find desired jobs in the art industry. The increased development of galleries, craft shops, online shops, and museums pave the way for tremendous work opportunities.

Since employment in the creative industry is growing fast, it is expected that the future job market will be favorable for most people who will be ready to get into the field of competitive artists. The art jobs would offer in five years many possibilities for people who keep up all of the tricks in the art sphere. If you are able to meet the requirements including education, experience, and creativity, there will be limitless job opportunities for you.

Arts Jobs - the General Educational Requirements

Contrasting jobs in architecture, the success and advancement in the art industry do not solely depend on educational qualifications. Most people begin with their talents and pursue education to perfect it. Having a degree or any relevant training with certificates may only provide a small advantage when it comes to securing job offers. An active imagination, creativity and talent coupled with a prolific output will help you to get and maintain an exciting art vacancy.

Even though there may not be a concrete educational path for artists to follow, it is good to pursue important programs offered in colleges and universities. You can enroll for a degree course in art where you will learn various technics in drawing, ceramics and sculpture. The most important thing artists should know is that clients would ask for your profile and experience when hiring you. They may not be much interested in your certification. However, exhibiting your well-created portfolio is likely to get you a rewarding artist job . Hence, there is a need to build your portfolio as you think about pursuing the education in art.

Art Job Positions List: the Right Places Artists Can Work

You could be looking for artist positions in Dubai, and you neither know where you are likely to work nor the specific job description. There are many vacancies for artists in Dubai. You can work in a museum, an online art shop, a craft center, a gallery, a studio, or the entertainment industry. There are limitless ads jobs for artists. Apart from your freelance working for your private clients, you can get a pleasant working environment in a company that needs your services.

Most students who have talent may not locate the right places to build their careers in art. Since the experience in art is what counts in the industry, it is good to find a place for an internship, volunteer, or beginner job opportunities. Your continued participation and exhibition of creativity will secure the best arts jobs for you. However, here are some of the positions you can apply for:

  • Arts program specialist
  • Visual arts lead trainer
  • Art teacher
  • Digital design trainer
  • Animator
  • Videographer
  • Artistic director
  • Interior designer
  • Studio assistant
  • Art collective studio assistant
  • Gallery associate
  • Media production specialist
  • Theater administrator

Artist Jobs Hiring with the Details for Expected Salaries

Most artistic jobs do not uphold any clear-cut specification of salaries and benefits like other fields. The earnings of an artist vary and depend on their experience, the quality of their craft, their customers, the region, and other factors. Artist agencies and gallery houses represent some artists, and they deduct a commission for every piece sold. Artists can ask for any amount of money from their customers. However, some positions entail a specific salary agreement, which also varies with companies and the peculiarities of the work. For example, various arts job has a median salary of $90,000 for creative directors, $86,500 for art directors, $61,555 for animators, $46,925 for graphic designers and 36,050 for photographers. The salary scales could change from one organization to the other. Your experience and quality of your portfolio can increase the pay significantly. So take everything under your control and find the best vacancy today with our help!

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