Travel Jobs : A Goldmine of Opportunities for Expatriates

From the breathtaking Burj Khalifa in Dubai to the iconic Sheik Zayed Mosque in Abu Dhabi, is packed with numerous tourism destinations that attract millions of international visitors every year. Tourism alone accounts for over 5% of the country’s total GDP. The demand for expatriate labor in the with quite high, with approximately 9 out of 10 workers being foreigners. If you like to travel and see the most beautiful places on earth, travel jobs provide the perfect opportunities for you to work and live in some of the most visited sites in the Emirates.

Tourism Careers Overview: Responsibilities of A Tourism Professional

The tourism industry is divided into travel and hospitality sectors and looks to hire enthusiastic individuals with people skills. Making visitors experience worthwhile is the core purpose of any job in hospitality or travel regardless of where you are working in the globe. Working in tourism involves the selling of services and the satisfaction rate of a client depicts the quality of that service. A good example would that of a guest staying in a five-star hotel. Such a guest expects to enjoy the best experience one can get in a luxury accommodation facility. Poor service from one restaurant or front office staff may form a negative opinion about the entire experience at the facility.

The job descriptions for tourism positions depend on sector, organization and job level. For example, a travel consultant is required to learn about a client’s travel requirements, discuss and advise them on travel matters. Therefore, he/she should be able to determine a client’s travel needs and preferences and plan a travel package to international or local destinations that best match those needs. Travel consultants also assist clients with other travel logistics such as travel insurance, hotel/ accommodation booking, air ticket booking and other transport fares, travel documents processing, destination entrance fees and so forth.

Tourism is a significant income generating sector ’s economy and provides thousands of jobs for Emiratis and expatriates drawn from Europe, Asia, and Africa. Examples of tourism vacancy opportunities in the include travel consultants, travel and tour managers, travel coordinators, travel analysts, receptionists and administrative assistants, housekeeping managers, guest service agents, servers, room attendants, chefs, bartenders among many more.

What Is the Level of Education Needed for a Tourism Job ?

The required education qualification for tourism jobs hiring may be as little as a secondary level certificate to a bachelor’s degree. Tourism administrative positions dealing with operations, supervision or management will in most cases require a degree in related field and a couple of years’ experience in the field of application.

However, most of the other tourism jobs in the Emirates don’t require more than secondary school education and are mostly entry level. You can land most of these jobs with few qualifications and experience.

Nonetheless, these jobs look for individuals with a particular set of skills which include:

  • Computer knowledge
  • English language proficiency
  • Good organization skills
  • Strong interpersonal skills
  • Good customer care skills
  • Decision making and problem-solving skills
  • A positive and friendly personality

H2: How Much Can You Earn from a Travel Job ?

Working in the is attractive to foreigners because of the fewer to no deductions on salaries. The government does not impose a tax levy on income wages. According to a current tourism job positions list, food server, waiters or waitress, room attendants and hostesses in Dubai, can earn from 1200 AED to 2500 AED which is about $326-$680 a month. On the other hand, restaurant managers, hotel supervisors, housekeeping manager, front office managers, and sous chefs earn between 5000 AED to 8000 AED a month, which translates to $1361 to about $2178. Executive chefs are the highest earners enjoying a monthly wage of up to 14000 AED ($3811) each month.

Apart from the monthly wage, tourism jobs may also offer additional benefits to expatriates, most of which are not mandatory but given at the will of the employer. Some of these benefits include:

Flight costs cover: some employers do offer to pay for the flight cost from your home country to the place of work in the Emirates. These employers also assist with travel logistics such as visa application and processing.

Food and accommodation: most full-time employment contracts in the industry offer food and lodging to expatriate employees in hospitality and travel jobs .

Insurance: your employer may in some cases assist you in paying for your health insurance during the tenure of your employment.

30-day paid annual leave: under labor laws, all workers are entitled to one-month yearly leave with pay.

End of employment service benefits: most offers for tourism jobs come with monetary end-of-service benefits.

H2: Current and Future Prospects for Jobs in Travel and Tourism

Is there a future in travel jobs? Well, the number of people willing and able to travel to international destinations at least once a year has remarkably grown in recent years. The percentage of the global population with access to higher education is higher now than in the past decades. Consequently, more people earn enough discretionary income to enjoy at least one exotic holiday at a destination abroad. The growth and extensive use of the internet has also contributed to tourism growth by connecting prospective travelers to destinations. Tourism contributes to at least 10% of the global GDP accounting for one in every ten jobs. These statistics are expected to increase in the next couple of years.

A 2016 evaluation of ’s tourism sector showed that tourism contributes to 5.2% of the country’s annual earnings and is expected to grow by at least 5% every year. These figures translate to more travel jobs in the future.

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