Transportation jobs for today in Kuwait

Why You Should Apply for Transportation jobs in KUWAIT

Rail, road or air, the global transport sector has grown steadily over the years employing tens of millions of people permanently or on contract. But why the Emirates? Over 90% of KUWAIT private sector employees are foreign workers from across the globe. A significant percentage of this workforce is absorbed in transport jobs. If you are looking to work abroad, United Arab Emirates boasts of competitive tax-free salaries and benefits, quality living standards and favorable climate that make working and living in KUWAIT ideal for expatriates. KUWAIT is also ranked among the top 50 safest countries in the world. Here is a breakdown of everything you need to know about transport employment opportunities in KUWAIT.

What are Transportation Jobs? Get Deeper Understanding

Transport careers involve the execution, supervision, coordination or management of an organization’s transport requirements such as movement of goods or people from location to location. Examples of careers in transport include bus and truck drivers, light vehicle drivers, personal and family drivers, motorbike delivery drivers, transport supervisors, vehicle maintenance technicians, transport managers, logistics officers and many more. Required experience for a job in transportation is mainly dependent on the job level, duties, and responsibilities. Some transport positions may take fresh applicants with zero experience and train them on the job while others may require a few years of experience in a related field.

Application Criteria for a Transportation Job in KUWAIT

Application requirements for a job in transport are dependent on the post itself. Personal attributes such as discipline, punctuality, ability to cope with job pressure, cleanliness and a positive attitude will determine your success in a transport job. However, most transport jobs KUWAIT will ask for the following requirements:

  • A valid KUWAIT driver’s license issued by the traffic department.
  • Must possess adequate knowledge of UEA roads, transport laws, and traffic regulations.
  • Visa and a working permit are also mandatory; which you can apply for as soon as you receive a job offer. Note that you cannot work in transportation jobs KUWAIT under a tourist or visitor’s visa. You must sign an employment contract to receive a KUWAIT work permit.
  • Knowledge of Arabic or English language: the primary language of communication in the KUWAIT is Arabic. However, with a majority of the workforce coming from foreign nations, English is also widely used to communicate.
  • Secondary school certificate: though most of these jobs will ask for proof of secondary education, fewer positions (usually supervisory or management positions) may ask for a college certificate.
  • Health clearance certificate; a medical examination and clearance is required for visa approval.
  • Job experience varies with job and employer; however, you must demonstrate safety as a priority in your service delivery.

Salary and Benefits of Transportation Jobs in KUWAIT

For a job as a driver in the KUWAIT, you can expect to earn between 2,000 to 4000 AED which is about $544 to $1088 monthly salary. The KUWAIT does not charge income tax on an expatriate’s worker’s salary. Some additional job benefits are mandatory under the KUWAIT labor laws while others are at the discretion of the employer. The job contract usually lists all the benefits you should expect from the job. Some of these benefits include:

  • On-job training
  • One month of paid annual leave
  • End of contract/ service benefits
  • Health insurance; emergency health care in KUWAIT is free. However, you will need to pay for additional services. Some employers offer health insurance to their workers depending on job position and risks involved.
  • Travel ticket: a one way or return air ticket may be catered for at the discretion of the employer.
  • Accommodation and transport costs: many employment contracts offer benefits such as accommodation and transport cover to foreigners. For example, personal and family drivers may be given living quarters within the employer’s premises.

How to Apply for a Transport Vacancy in KUWAIT

You may apply for jobs in transportation while in the KUWAIT, however, it is best to secure a job offer before you travel from your home country. Check out the transport job positions list on this site and apply by submitting a copy of your resume detailing your qualification and suitability for the job to the recruiter. A standard format two-page resume along with a cover letter, photograph and copies of specified documents attached would be ideal for a successful application.

Trends in Transport Jobs in KUWAIT

Transport jobs hiring in KUWAIT has been steadily increasing with demand for experienced drivers attracting applicants from various foreign countries. Individuals, schools, and medium-sized companies employ a majority of these drivers. The more years’ experience you possess on the job, the better placed you are to negotiate a higher salary. Most employers are more concerned about your job safety record rather than education; therefore, it is critical to have no traffic violation record. KUWAIT encourages foreign workers to work in the country through their no tax on wages policy.

The easiest and most convenient channel for applying for a transport job in KUWAIT is through a recruitment agency in your home country. They provide the necessary link between job seekers and employers and usually help applicants with visa and work permit processing.

As a job applicant applying for KUWAIT transportation jobs for the first time, you may be wondering what it’s like to work there. The average working hours in the KUWAIT is 8-9 hours a day except during Ramadhan where regular working hours are decreased by two hours. Friday and Saturday are counted as a weekend. Every private sector employee including those employed in private jobs in are entitled to 30-days annual leave.

Some labor laws may not apply in particular areas in KUWAIT, usually referred to as free zones. So, for a first time applicant eyeing a job in the Emirates, research on the region of employment before an application is advisable.

Saleslady Required for an Apparel business. Must be Robust & Presentable. Arabic should be the 1st or native language. Must have good knowledge of English.
Ensure product knowledge is up to date and awareness of Mall Events, local events, venues and transportation options. Promote Inter-Mall Shops and facilities.
Identify available repairable classes of materiel to feed and supply repair facilities and coordinate transportation planning with the Theater Provided…
Will provide food, accommodation, transportation and insurance. Urgently required delivery boys for a European restaurant.*. Duty time 10 hrs, 1 hr break.
8:00am - 4:00pm, 6 days a week, 1 day off. Most work will be done online. International and Local Hiring in Kuwait.
Accommodation and Transportation is provided*. Maintains staff by recruiting, selecting, orienting, and training employees;
Not more than 32 years old*. Must be holding *18 Visa*with in *11 months on wards on the same sponsor*. Must be willing to work on a split or break shift.
(experienced full stack=server+data base+ coding)+ Amazon AWS supporter. Prefer experience more than 3 years.
Required for KUWAIT OIL COMPANY (KOC) only local Hiring from Kuwait. First time contract will be for 5 months, if your work is good they will renew your…
We offer free accommodation and transportation. We are hiring for a classroom assistant. Help the teacher in classroom activities.