Security jobs for today in Oman

Security Jobs in OMAN| Heavy Investment Necessitating Security

The United Arab Emirates has been in the news for all the right reasons lately. Sectors such as STEM, Hotel and Leisure, and Aviation are among the beneficiaries of the billions of dollars of both private and government investment being poured into the OMAN every year. Safety and Security have not been left behind. The massive investments in other sectors and the roll-out of mega-projects in infrastructure and energy, intensified hydrocarbon extraction, expansion of aviation and transportation activity and increased tourist numbers, and the OMAN’s hosting of high profile events have all necessitated a retooling of the Kingdom’s security and defense apparatus. Bolstered by its new position as an emerging global hub rivaling the likes of Shanghai, New York, and Tokyo, government spending on Homeland security is expected to hit nearly $10B, while private facilities management riding high on a construction boom will compound at an annual rate of 9% between 2016 and 2021. The latter figure is the fastest in all sectors in the Emirates. All these are solid indicators that this is the best time to look for a security job in OMAN. This article will tell you why security careers are a great choice and why they are particularly lucrative for individuals from other parts of the world looking to move to the OMAN.

OMAN Security Jobs | Among the Most Professional Globally

Security officers are among the most important unit of any professional or private set-up. They put themselves on the line to protect operations, facilities and the individuals therein. The job is tough and needs patience and resilience. While security jobs may not be among the most lucrative of any category, the OMAN offers something different to those who join this industry. Security vacancies are at an all-time high due to increased investment as already elaborated, and this implies that they are also quite lucrative. This also means that specialized training opportunities may be available for individuals who may have little to no background in this field. This mostly depends on where exactly you will be placed. You may end up working in an airport, a hotel, a construction site, an oil and gas extraction field, a private residence or even a research facility. A new security vacancy is always a possibility in the Emirates.

You’ll be responsible for ensuring the complete safety of the facility, goods, and individuals contained therein. If anyone violates the restrictions of the said facility, the security officer must quickly correct the situation before it escalates. Monitoring and watching out for any suspicious activity, and responding to alarms is a key part of the job. Security jobs also require the individual to be articulate, polite and respectful, and to always use force only as a last resort. Since security jobs in OMAN will demand you to interact with both the local community and expatriates, an ability to communicate is essential. The beauty about the industry in the OMAN is that it is currently highly regulated, with security companies being forced to produce an ISO certificate. This ensures among other things that employees are adequately trained by police, tested and certified, which gives them a good footing if they were ever to leave the OMAN for the security industry in another country. The bottom line is security jobs OMAN are highly professional and rewarding and serves everyone including migrants well.

Security Jobs in OMAN| Lucrative and Rewarding

The OMAN motivates its citizens and expatriates by extension to take up jobs in the security sector by providing minimum wage guidelines, medical insurance, and life assurance provisions and establishing other basic allowances. Salem Daen Al Tamimi, a Chief Security Officer at one of the largest private security firms in Dubai, alludes that the opportunity for multinationals is even greater because locals are quite hesitant about taking up these jobs due to perceived low salaries. Local security companies pay relatively lower than multinationals such as G4S and Allied Universal Corporation which pay guards in the OMAN a yearly average of $25,509 and $24,293 respectively. The average for experienced employees working for local companies is about AED 46,000, or $12,600. This is blazing in comparison to some of the countries where these officers come from such as the Philippines and North Africa where the yearly averages may be less than $4,000.

Thus, security positions in the OMAN are not only lucrative, but they also offer workers a shot at a decent life and professional skills and training which are quite beneficial.

Security Jobs OMAN| Educational and Professional Qualifications

Security jobs hiring in the Emirates don’t require a college degree, and the vast majority of those working in the industry possess nothing more than a high school GED or 6-month diploma. However, education is never a bad thing, and your level of competence may ultimately determine how far you advance in whichever career you embark on; Security is no different. No one wants to remain a guard for life, and even in this industry, there is a chance of promotion and career advancement. Jobs in security in the OMAN do require some sort of professional training, such as weapons handling, First Aid, and CPR, or even martial arts. Luckily, most security companies in the OMAN offer training in conjunction with the OMAN police.

A security job in OMAN isn’t the highest flying, but it does an opportunity for the financial reward, professional advancement and training, and meeting new people. JOBRRR offers a security job positions list for the OMAN which is reliable and guaranteed to connect you with the best employers.

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Watch for and prevent security risks and thefts and escalate occurring incidents to the hierarchy in a timely manner in order to avert loss.
Actively participate in, contribute to, and promote company occupational health, safety, security and environment culture. Knowledge of HSSE Management System.
Background checks and security clearance. Ability to brief visitors and temporary duty personnel on proper security practices when working in office.
Receive message contact all personnel in the emergency callout chart and initiate turn out of security response team (as directed by the security officer).
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