Graphics Software developer for web based scientific applications. Focused on development of 2D and/or 3D specialized graphical applications:
Utilizing traditional art training and knowledge of illustration, graphic design, and computer graphics software; Who We Think Will Be a Great Fit:
Computer General Office Equipment Vehicle. Using a computer and appropriate computer applications to perform the essential and important functions of the job.
Experience working in the field of software rasterization 2D and/or 3D (including advanced software algorithms for hi-performance computer graphics).
Strong math and computer graphics background. Good understanding of real-time 3D graphics APIs (i.e.OpenGL and/or DirectX), game engines (Gamebryo) and physics…
Collaborate with a dedicated team of prototype developers in a fully equipped shop that includes multiple 3D printers and CNC machines.
Strong background in 3D graphics. The chosen candidate shall be highly motivated and have a passion for computer graphics. Implement new features per the spec.
Do you love computer graphics and real-time rendering? 3D engine design or content pipelines. Applying your math skills to interesting graphics problems and…
An entrepreneurial and passionate Developer – No time wasters. As a PHP Developer you will possess the following skills: MUST work well in a team environment.
Excellent understanding of 3D graphics pipeline. As a freelance Unity Game Developer at Artefact, you will collaborate with developers and designers to build…